turtlechelle (turtlechelle) wrote,

Flora update

just sent this to the southeastern list and thought I'd post it here. i'm not sure if I ever wrote her the Flora was diagnosed with the autoimmune the same thing Ellie had now on to the updateits been a while since I wrote here so here goes a long update.
Flora had been on the auto immune meds an antibiotic and a vitamin for about a month. I had to increase the antibiotic at that time because I found out I wasn't giving enough. At that time I added in a anti inflammatory/pain med. About 5 days later Flora became very ill eventually being diagnosed with pancreatitis. She slowly improved but relapsed as soon as I had her completely switched over to the new food the vet wants her on which is rabbit. Right now she is getting a mix of the bland diet she has been on and her new rabbit dog food. By Monday she should be totally back on the rabbit. I hope and pray she stays well.
Then I have have to start her back on the meds I consulted with the school vet and my own of course. One thinks it was most likely the antibiotics and one thing it was the pain med. Unfortunately she needs both. I looked in to an herbal supplement for the pain but can't afford it. So, I'll put her back on the pain med and add in the other meds with a week spacing in between each addition so we can see how her body reacts. I feel like I'm playing God.
She's finally feeling better back to her energetic self and I'm gonna possibly set her back, but what choice do I have. She hasn't worked in almost 3 weeks. i am surprised how much I miss working her. Flora can get distracted by everything and is often a handful to keep on task though when she is her work is great. But I'm even missing the distraction level LOL.
I'll stop rambling though I could go on and on about the emotionalness.
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