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life update

good evening LJ. I'm waiting for the show I wanna watch to come on TV and decided to post it was gonna be a voice post but I didn't figure anyone would listen and maybe someone will read. I'm so bad about posting anymore I don't know if I'm still on anyone's friends list.
I feel bad that its been so long since I wrote here and that I left everyone hanging in regards to Flora's health situation.
So here's an update.
It was determined that the problem with Flora's paws was not the auto immune disease but is most likely allergies with maybe some boredom also going on. She is no longer limping while working. She is currently dealing with a middle ear infection, I'm hoping we are getting it under control. She seems happy to work and I'm hoping the slowness in the past couple routes is just the heat.
I've got providers 4 days a week now. That may change in the Fall. i have 3 2 hour shifts and 1 3 and a half hour 1. I have 2 new providers new as of the past couple weeks.
I was able to work out transportation so I could participate in the therapeutic riding program this summer and I'm really enjoying it.I'm riding a horse named Chance. I'll miss it when it ends in August, and hope to continue with private lessons in the Fall.
Otherwise there's not much going on just a lot of reading, watching TV and netflix and sleeping LOL.
Tags: flora, riding
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