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bad news

I took Flora Flora to the vet yesterday for the slight limp. I want to know why things just can't be simple all of Flora's claws are traumatized. Some are fractured and falling apart. Every claw on every paw is a mess of some sort.
I knew she licked her paws, but had no idea she was chewing them! But my parents caught her several times yesterday doing it which I was not able to hear.
So the claws are screwed either because of chewing probably caused by allergies or because she has the same autoimmune disase Ellie had. This was a big reason behind reason Ellie's Crying! We are treating first as if she is chewing because of allergies. She is on 50 MG of Benadryl twice a day. So far today there has been considerably less chewing/licking. I will try that for 48 hours. If no improvement we will assume its the autoimmune and start treating for pain and most likely the other meds too. I'm encouraged by the slight improvement but I'm very upset and fearful right now. I could sit here and try to write to write my swirling thoughts about how can I handle this if its the autoimmune. And my questions about the allergy thing. But a careprovider is about to show up so I'm gonna go.
The bedbug people sprayed and now we have to somewhat put the house back together. I say somewhat because much stuff is remaining packed as they will spray again in 2 weeks.
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Awww, poor Flora. I hope they figure out soon what is causing the chewing.